A handy tool for handmade soap.
Created by jMaster Studio

About SoapLab

SoapLab is a handy tool created by jMaster Studio.
It can help the work of handmade soap in many ways, including:

  • instructions of fundamentals of handmade soap.
  • instructions of tools of handmade soap.
  • recipe management.
  • lye calculation for NaOH and KOH of various purity, in solid or liquid state, the * concentration and the weight unit you preferred.
  • property chart of recipes and each oil.
  • the ratio of saturated fat acid, monounsaturated fat acid, and polyunsaturated fat acid of recipes.
  • over hundreds of oils and additives are included. Favorite function for collecting favortie oils and additives.
  • the effects and colors of additives help the design of recipes. Sorting by colors and adding your own additives are available.
  • the units of temperature and weight take effect immediately and the conversion happens implicitly.
  • step by step guidance in according to the recipe. The check list can make the soap as successful as possible for the newbies.
  • share your recipes to communities with a professional report that is composited of photo, recipe, and property charts.
  • add cured notification to your calendar
  • cost analysis and report

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